Darrell Black

The art of Definism



Art transcends consumerism; it asks and demands more of it's participants.

This is why we enjoy this particular piece because it takes a space normally reserved for capitalism displayed in the form of product placement and simply replaces it with something meant to be admired primarily for it's creativity.

The agenda here is the pitch of transforming the environment into something more aspirational than the next big car or brand of phone, more inspirational than creating desire for a burger or drink; it is one of celebrating art as a medium of aesthetic, as a tool that journeys beyond the medium of purchase and inspires one into evolving their own creativity.

Art is functional, it shapes a landscape and spreads messages. Too long has it been confined to galleries, back alleys, interspersed installations; it should be the dominant feature of any town, city or occupied space, showcasing the visions and creativity of as many people as possible and inspiring it's inhabitants to do the same for themselves.
Arts dominance should be used to break down and transform societies norms of what is acceptable behaviour to encourage greater diversity of expression and therefore freedom of thought and thus intelligence in it's individuals.
It should encourage this freedom in the context of behaviour not deliberately harmful to anybody.

In many ways the piece by Definism achieves that.


Darrell Black a.k.a artradio.tv's Definism is a long time supporter of artradio.tv being one of our first artists to join the platform and we have been overjoyed to watch his projects hit places that make such an impact. This is a lavish project which shows the power and beauty of using the public space to spread a personal vision, an ideal and an idea which isn't inherently and purely commercial.

It is a collaboration and an acknowledgement that advertising itself can transcend the product. It is a step in the right direction and the means and methods through which Darrell accomplished this vision of projecting love and sacrifice are well respected by the team here at artradio.tv.

Indeed we have a great respect for Definism's work as a whole and are simply happy to watch him continue to work and put his heart and soul into spreading his creative vision with the world and everybody.



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